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Meet Francesca Battaglia

"One of my greatest joys is seeing the look on my client's face when they finally come home."

    Since I was a young girl, I have enjoyed decorating and hospitality. I loved helping my mom prepare to host the myriad of events that she was warmly known for. Often, my special job was the centerpiece for the table. 

    I've always loved helping others, so going to nursing school became a desire of mine early on. I loved school and found great success in my studies as I approached them with my own, creative bent.  After graduating from Kennesaw State University with a BSN, I spent five years at Northside Hospital as a labor and delivery nurse. Working alongside parents through the birthing process was an honor. Being a part of their story and sharing in their joy was greatly rewarding.  

    During my off hours, I began decorating our first home. Soon, I had several  friends and family asking my advice and enlisting my decorating assistance. Motivated by the same joy in being a part of people's stories that I found as a nurse, I took the leap into pursuing a new avenue for helping people. 

    I launched my interior design firm, Francesca Battaglia Design as a means to share my passion for design with others. I believe every home should tell a story.  I enjoy mixing beloved heirlooms with fresh pieces to create a warm, approachable home that works within each client's specific budget. Sometimes the smallest intentional change can make such a difference.

    I love everything about design! From getting to know my clients, walking through the creative process, and the wonderful transformation. It is my job to come along side and help them to create a home that truly reflects who they are and tells their story.

    I live in Canton, Georgia with my wonderful husband, and four children - Arden, Silas, Renner, and Marin.

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